Chinatown The Hague

Chinatown The Hague is an area in the centre of The Hague, adjacent to the shopping centre ‘Grote Marktstraat’, roughly situated between the ‘Lutheran Burgwal’, ‘Grote Marktstraat’, ‘Spui’ and the ‘Bierkade’.
‘Wagenstraat’ and ‘Gedempte Burgwal’ are the main streets in this interesting, multi-coloured and multicultural neighbourhood.
The Hague’s Chinatown arose not so very long ago, originally a Jewish quarter, where a relatively small number of Chinese people were established,
After the Second World War the district showed for the first time his Chinese looks. The area, however, showed in this period, many vacancies, was unattractive and impoverished.
Only during the seventies, the district has been refurbished by the municipality and partly due to the proximity to the busy shopping centre on the ‘Grote Marktstraat’, the district flourished and established itself many Chinese shopkeepers with small businesses, such as restaurants, barber shops and spice shops .

Chinese herbal shops and barber shops expanded their activities with opportunities for acupuncture, Chinese massage and foot massage. Especially the foot massage was a great success, given the interest shown by shoppers. After a few hours of walking and shopping it’s wonderful to let your feet pampered with a hot herbal bath and a relaxing massage.
Where initially the massages were considered as secondary service of Chinese herbal shops and hair salons, in recent years emerged the Chinese massage parlors, not only for massage, but also for manicure and pedicure.
Some of these Chinese massage parlors evolved to real beauty and wellness centres.


That have occurred illegal sexual services in some of these massage parlors cannot be denied. The strict controls in recent years have proven this.
A number of Chinese massage parlors is therefore temporary and in some cases even forever by order of the local government closed.
The government of The Hague has stopped the unbridled growth of the number of massage parlors in The Hague’s Chinatown by changing the zoning.
To settle a massage parlor or beautycenter in this district is currently not allowed, without having been requested specially licensed.
Nevertheless, there is plenty of choice in this beautiful neighbourhood on Chinese massage parlors and beauty salons; you can find the locations on the map below, where the car parks are also indicated.
But even if you are not interested in a Chinese massage, the Hague’s Chinatown is still a visit worth.
Moreover, this area within walking distance of both ‘Holland Spoor’ train station and ‘The Hague Central Station’, also there are good tram connections.

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